Who wrote this page?

I am just a middle aged blue collar worker in the South. I have a BA degree in Communications. I am a husband and a father.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at charliesix2@gmail.com . If you'd like to submit examples of Breitbart links to extremists, please let me know and I will consider adding it to the webpage. You can also contact me through Facebook's Messenger system by clicking on the "Breitbart Truth on Facebook" link on the top nav bar.

I also run the "STOP Donald Trump" Facebook page at www.facebook.com/stopcriminaltrump 

Are the screenshots real or fake?

Every screenshot on this webpage is 100% real. Most were taken in mid-December 2016. More recent ones are time stamped.

If you doubt the validity of the screenshots, go to the Twitter accounts of the Breitbart writers yourself and search through their Twitter feeds using the Twitter handles I have provided. Using the Advanced Search tool can help a lot too.

Why make this webpage?

On November 9th, Reuters.com published an article with the following passage: 

Breitbart, whose profile surged when its former head Stephen Bannon was tapped in August to become Trump’s campaign chairman, has been a close ally of the New York real-estate mogul in conservative media. A leading voice of the so-called Alt-Right movement -- a loose-knit movement of white nationalists, anti-Semites and immigration foes -- it regularly attacks Republican Party elites, publishes anti-immigrant themed stories and promotes political conspiracy theories.

 That was a very damning accusation but Reuters provided little evidence to support their claim. And they would repeat the claim in other articles referencing Breitbart News as well.

More than a month later, I decided to see if the claim had merit.

I used the Wayback Machine (archive.org) to pull up what Breitbart.com's front page looked like in the past. I then took the names of Breitbart writers, pulled up their Twitter accounts, then looked to see who they were Following. I pulled up several different dates over the past few years. In these Wayback Machine archives, many Breitbart writers featured on the front page have connections to white nationalists and/or Infowars. This page provides just a few examples of these kinds of writers. It is by no means a comprehensive/exhaustive display of every Breitbart writer's link to white nationalism/InfoWars/extremism.

Conclusion: The claim has merit. 

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